Li'l Champs : (Primary SKG,1,2,3)

Grades Category Skills Tested
Class SKG,1,2,3 Dreams Come True Competition Communication, Creativity, Social Skills
Entry Type Submission Language Submission Guidelines
Individual Entry English Record a video of yourself dressed up as the character. Speak and act as the character and submit your video. Video file (Max 2 mins)
Submission Type Submission Duration
Video File 13th Oct - 30th November 2021

Students dress up as characters they choose from the list below and speak a few sentences/dialogues and act as the character.

Topics/themes for Dreams Come True Competition: (they can choose any 1 theme)

  • Everyday objects from our surroundings.
  • Students will dress up as an object from their surroundings. Eg: Garbage bin, Water bottle, etc. They can incorporate sustainability ideas while dressing up and presenting in the competition.

  • Everyday superfoods.
  • Students will dress up as a vegetable or a fruit. Eg: Carrot, Cabbage, Apple, etc. They can also be creative and find ways to act as the vegetable/fruit.

  • Welcome to the mighty jungle.
  • Students will dress up as an animal or a bird. Eg: Lion, tiger, penguin, panda, etc. Students can incorporate interesting facts about these animals/birds and can discuss conservation efforts that go into ensuring that these animals don't become extinct.

  • Enjoying all seasons!
  • Students will dress up as one of the seasons. Eg: Summer, winter, monsoon, etc. They can incorporate creativity and humour while presenting some interesting facts.


  • The maximum duration of the video is 2 minutes. File size up to 100 MB will be accepted.
  • The video should be recorded in landscape mode. The resolution of the video should be a 16:9 ratio
  • File type should be MP4 or MOV format
  • Be creative. Use objects such paper, cardboard, glue, etc. to create your outfit/costume.
  • Practice your speech beforehand. Speak with confidence.
  • Use interesting facts and humour in your presentation. Enjoy!
  • Look directly into the camera lens, when recording
  • Speak in a loud and clear voice
  • Record at a place with good light and no noise
  • Keep the video length short and crisp.


  • Spend too much money to purchase expensive things to make your costume. Instead, create a simple but creative outfit at home.
  • Be nervous. Remember, the goal is to have fun!
  • Connection to the given theme
  • Creativity
  • Confidence &Expression (Acting)
  • Clarity & Pronunciation
  • Bonus

Process To Submit Your Entry