Quiz Champs : Qualifier : Online Quiz Senior(class 7,8,9)

Schools to make entry for this category
Grades Category Skills Tested
Senior class 7,8,9 Qualifier : Online Quiz Collaboration, Initiative, Information
Entry Type Submission Language Submission Guidelines
Group (2 Students) - Schools will choose and nominate 1 group English Online Quiz conducted on Kahoot (Kahoot.it) and also joined through Zoom
Submission Type Entry Submission Duration Quiz Conduction Duration
Online Quiz conducted on Kahoot (Kahoot.it) 13th Oct - 25th Oct 2021 26th Oct - 2nd Nov 2021

Participation Rules: A group of 2 students will be nominated by the school to participate and represent the school for the quiz championship.

  • The quiz will be conducted on an online platform - Kahoot
  • Student groups will log on to zoom platform and keep their videos on.
  • Kahoot link will be shared online on the zoom platform.
  • Students will have to take the quiz which will last around 8-10 min. Each question will be timed.
  • Students will be quizzed on topics of general knowledge and awareness.
  • geography, nations, governments, current events, news from around the world, latest developments in science and tech, global warming, sports events, etc.


  • Read up on the current events. Follow the news. Look at credible news sources to learn about the latest developments from around the world..
  • Both the students have to be present together and join through ZOOM to mark their attendance.
  • They have to know the School Nucleus ID to enter as Nickname while giving the online quiz.
  • Students must have a laptop & mobile device together to participate in the quiz.
  • Students can take the quiz in the school environment or wherever they have the best internet connectivity.
  • Download Kahoot App in your mobile device beforehand or open the Kahoot website on a seperate browser.


  • Don’t work alone! Ensure you are actively collaborating with your teammate to respond with the correct answers.
  • Make sure you do not press the back button when responding on Kahoot website, this might restart your session and your score will become Zero.
  • Points are awarded if the student correctly answers the question
  • The quicker the answer, the more the scores
  • No negative marking for wrong answers

Process For Schools To Nominate Students

(Only 1 Group of 2 Students Per School Can Participate)