• Round 2 for Quiz Champs is scheduled for 14th & 15th Dec.
  • Kindly reach out to your school's Academic excellence manager for your slot details.

Quiz Champs : Round 2 : Online Quiz Senior (class 7,8,9)

Grades Category Skills Tested
Senior class 7,8,9 Online Quiz Round 2 Collaboration, Initiative, Information
Entry Type Submission Language Submission Guidelines
Selected schools from Qualifier Round only English Online Quiz conducted on Kahoot (Kahoot.it) and also joined through Zoom
Submission Type Quiz Conduction Duration
Online Quiz conducted on Kahoot (Kahoot.it) and also joined through Zoom By 15th December 2021 (Groupwise Dates will be announced)
  • Quizzing tests students level of knowledge regarding math, puzzles, logic etc.


  • Both the students have to be present together and join through ZOOM to mark their attendance. They have to know the School Nucleus ID to enter as Nickname while giving the online quiz. Students must have a laptop & mobile device together to participate in the quiz.
  • Students can take the quiz in the school environment or wherever they have the best internet connectivity.
  • Download Kahoot App in your mobile device beforehand or open the Kahoot website in a separate browser.


  • Don’t work alone! Ensure you are actively collaborating with your teammate to respond with the correct answers.
  • Make sure you do not press the back button when responding on Kahoot website, this might restart your session and your score will become Zero.
  • Points are awarded if the student correctly answers the question.
  • The quicker the answer, the more the scores.
  • No negative marking for wrong answers.