• Round 1 results have been announced please check on the announcement page.
  • Round 2 entry submissions will be active from 14th December to 30th December.
  • Please note for submitting the Round 2 entries you will need to enter the previously used mobile number only.

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Science Champs : Science @Home (Junior 4,5,6)

Grades Category Skills Tested
Junior - Class 4,5,6 Science @Home Critical thinking,Information,Creativity
Entry Type Submission Language Submission Guidelines
Individual English Upload the Video of actual working system & project designs. Explain the working system & Science behind it clearly.
Submission Type Submission Duration View Sample Concept Note
Video Length & Size:Upto 3mins & 100MB & Image/PDF (if required) 14th Dec - 30th Dec 2021

Only students, whose concept note has been selected can participate in Round 2

After Selection of Concept note, Now students have to submit the video of the working model (& designs if any) of the problem for which the concept note was submitted.

  • Students will submit a video in which they will explain the problem and the Science used to solve the problem in their model.
  • In the further rounds, jury will ask related questions on the model and science which is being used in this problem solving. (Video Length & Size : Upto 3mins & 100MB)


  • State the problem clearly in the Video
  • State how your model will solve the problem.
  • Add drawings of your idea in the Video, if required.
  • Any drawing that you add should be labelled and clear.


  • Do not copy ideas from the internet; let the idea be original.
  • Do not upload images from the internet in the concept note.
  • Problem Identification & Prediction
  • Solution
  • Scientific Explanation
  • Materials Used
  • Bonus

Process To Submit Your Entry